般尼克疗愈法课程 - 发挥您潜在的力量! 




Our Basic Pranic Healing Course in English is scheduled on 19 and 20 April (Sat and Sun).  Register and you can start healing after Day 2 workshop!


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Pranic Feng Shui is coming in April!  

Pranic Feng Shui is designed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui through extensive research and validation which enables us to attract and enhance the quality of our life using the universal principles of nature.

The course includes techniques to protect yourself from negative influences which may affect your personal life, career and business.

Learn to access the enormous natural energy field of Earth or geomancy to improve conditions in your business, health, relationships, increase good luck and prosperity using Pranic Healing and other  techniques and much more.

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Pre-requisite: Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy Course

You much have Basic Pranic Healing before applying for Advanced course. Contact us on our next up and coming Basic Pranic Healing Course.


Come and learn Basic Pranic Healing where in just two days, pranic healing handyou can provide immediate treatment and relief for swelling, bruises, cuts, burns, healing children from fever, cough, stomach discomfort and many more including self healing and distant healing. 

PHC Pranic Healing Clinic is affiliated to the World Pranic Healing Foundation & Institute for Inner Studies, Manila and Pranic Healing Foundation in Singapore – The Centre For Inner Studies in Singapore Ltd (CIS) located at 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #04-07/08/09, Singapore 228149.

We want to spread Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Vision and Light to have at least one Pranic Healer in every family in Singapore and to alleviate pain and suffering of people by complementing medical treatment with Pranic Healing.

PHC Pranic Healing Clinic conducts GMCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course in both English and Chinese, providing healing services and weekly Chinese Meditation on Twin Hearts.  Students are encouraged to come to PHC for practice or self-healing session.

Learn the amazing art & science of working with energy to achieve total wellness, gain confidence, success, prosperity and spirituality. 

Learn to heal with your hands, reduce medical cost and heal your loved ones to alleviate their pain and suffering, click here to learn more about Pranic Healing.



欢迎参加我们的每周双心静坐法。经常练习双心静坐,并祝福地球上所有的人,可以加强内在的付出力量。它令你坚强,让你有能力成为自己内在的中心,并且更为平衡。欢迎所有16岁以上的人士参加。  (免费入场)



我们欢迎您来体验30分钟免費般尼克治疗。每周星期五晚上7时至晚上9时。参加者必须周三晚上之前预先电话预约 :9652 6901。








般尼克治療疗法采取的是无须接触、无须药物的疗法。在治疗过程中,气疗师完全没有触摸到对方身体的任何一个部分,也完全无需配药。气疗师调理的是环绕人体外的能量环(aura)。一个人的能量失调,就会生病。气 疗师协助患者清除污浊的能量,然后再注入能量,加速人体的治疗过程。





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